What does shipping cost?

-All items shipping is included!

How long does it take to make my item?  

-Most items ship within 3-5 business days (Home goods, Blessings, etc).  Items that are made from your broken wedding glass can take a few weeks not taking in to account transit time to us (Broken Wedding Glass Items). 

How does the process work for broken wedding glass?

-You purchase one of our listings and we email you a prepaid label to ship your glass to us along with a worksheet to fill out to specify your preferences.  After receiving your broken glass, we make your item and then ship it back. Please allow a few weeks after receiving your glass to make your custom item. 

Do I have to buy my wedding glass from you for your broken wedding glass items?

-No, you can obtain your wedding glass from any source that you want. 

What type of glass is best to break?

-For most of our designs, the more glass the better.  We love beautiful multi-color glass and solid bright glass.  Clear glass only works with some of our designs.

-While a light bulb is easy to break, it is difficult to make something with it.  There is not a lot of glass to work with, there are little metal pieces mixed in after breaking, there's sometimes writing on the glass bulb, and sometimes there's a powder coating like on the white bulbs that wipes off when broken.  For those reasons we don't recommend a light bulb but we have made items from it for people in the past.

Can I buy this as a gift?

-Of course! We can email you a gift certificate if you would like and we can work with you or directly with the bride and groom to make their final object.

Do you ship internationally?

-We currently do not ship internationally.  We may expand to international shipping in the future.